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With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in air services, AVdef provides to State agencies, Defense industries and international organizations, innovative flexible and effective solutions.

Our new generation of Falcon 20 provides a wide range of air training missions, from target towing to radar jamming. Their specific equipment allows end-users to get turnkey solutions for air defense trainings with one or more aircraft.

In order to cover all possible mission types, wherever firings have to be performed, from land, sea or air, AVdef offers a large choice of targets, either towed, or dropped and piloted, able to fit with all technical needs.

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AVdef will propose you always the most effective solutions in order to satisfy your expectations.
With the operational experience of its Flight Operations department, AVdef is able to provide you the best to achieve your targets!

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Our current certifications
International standard Organization: ISO 9001-2008
Air Operator Certificate N°F-SE-052
EASA Maintenance Organization (Part 145) N°FR-145-050
EASA Design Organization (Part 21J) EASA-21-J-327