Target towing

AVdef proposes you several types of towed or dropped targets.

Our Falcon 20 equipped of two underwing RM30A winches are able to tow two different targets, successively or simultaneously, in the daytime and at night. These targets can be used for gun and ground-to-air and air-to-air missiles firings for live or exercise training missions.

Our aircraft can be configured in accordance with your expectations: infra-red, electromagnetic or optical signatures, with flares and up-to-date decoys, used by 4th generation fighters..

Target towing parameters can be adjusted according to the mission requirements, from 500 to 9 000 meters of cable, at an altitude between 25 and 30 000 feet and high speed until 350 Kts.

With respect to air-to-air firing, a “Miss Distance indicator” fitted in the target will give you the live feedback of scoring and of course a report would be transmitted as soon as the mission is completed !

Our taget types :

Meggitt TRX, TGX, GT 400 TDK 39, Dornier SK6 and FRL Black kite.