AVdef Design Organisation (n° EASA 21J.327)

Integration and Certification of your Airborne Mission System

Since fall 2009, AVdef sesign office holds an EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval, for certification of aircraft changes. Thanks to this privilege and of its specificity of of mission system integrator, AVdef now proposes services to industry, aircraft manufacturer, scientific and state agencies. « Our objective is to provide satisfaction to customer but also to reach Safety of flight objectives required by EASA.

AVdef activity requires the modification of aircrafts to install mission system. This mission is achieved by the Design organisation.

AVdef DOA core business and scope : Mission system integration

-    Design, justification and Certification of underwing stores, antennas and equipments and related structural and electrical changes.
-    Flight tests : The DOA has a Flight test pilot. A light Flight Test Instrumentation is available on request
-    Installation program management.

The scope of DOA covers all aircraft relevant of FAR/CS-23 (Small Aircraft < 5,7 t), and FAR/CS-25 (Large Aircraft >5,7 t).

Example :

SETHI 2 project (Système Expérimental de Télédétection Hyperfréquence Imageur) (ONERA)

Certification in 2008 of the following installation under Falcon 20:

-    Creation of 2 underwing stores with fiber glass carenage (Ø530 x 3300 mm), hosting Synthetic Aperture Radar. Flight envelope with these pods were certified with our Flight Test pilot.

-    Differential GPS installation linked to the system.

-    5 Control bays Installation in cabin at the disposal of ONERA operators***

-    Interconnecting harness installation.

-    Aircraft Power supply modification by installation of feed mission system with 28 DCV, 115 VAC et 220 VAC.

-    Auxiliary Power Unit modification to supply heavy current-consumptive configuration of the Mission Systems.

Mid 2011, a dozen of flight campains and 200 flight hours have been performed.

Design Organisation assetts

-    Comprehensive and made-to-measure service : AVdef company can take in charge your mission system integration and also perform the installation on aircraft with related aircraft modifications, thanks to its EASA Part 145. Synergy between Design and Shop helps optimize the solution. Then, aircraft operation of the modified could also be performed by AVdef

-    A reactive reply, close to the customer: Our structure is ideally shaped to reply to very low series or unique needs. If necessary, we activate our sub-contractor and partners network to fit your need.

-    An operational know-how : Historically, AVdef Operations department was our first cutomer, and as such we benefited from live experience. Today, we manage this operational culture to anticipate your needs.

What can we do for you ?

You’re an Industrial company, Scientific or State Agency and you need to develop and validate your system in flight ?

AVdef proposes you to take in charge its installation on-board on aircraft and to certify this new configuration. For installation on Falcon 20, STCs of SETHI 2 project could be adapted to your need, thus enabling design and certification cost reduction.

You’are aircraft manufacturer and look for an independant design office to support your activity ?
AVdef proposes its help on some work packages.

*Design Organization Approval

** European Aviation Safety Agency

*** Office National d’Etudes et de Recherches Aérospatiales (French Test lab)